The Art of Managing Up - 2 hour elearning module
Seminar Information

14 April - 31 December 2021 Online, , Online, ACT, Australia

Online, , Online, ACT, Australia

Managing up is about making your own life easier at work. An ability to manage up is seen as a core leadership skill that can help you to be more in control of your own workload and enable you to use your initiative. It may even brighten your career prospects. Even better, done well, managing up can help take the pressure off your boss. And that can alleviate pressure from "higher up" on you and make for a more harmonious work place. Want to turn things around? Start working through this practical module now.


Module Learning Objectives

· Describe the concept of managing up and explain its benefits for you and your boss

· Outline the ground rules and skills required to actively manage up

· Understand the pressures that impact on your boss

· Understand what your boss actually needs to know about what you are doing, and how to present/communicate that information to your boss

· Understand communication styles and individual differences to create a mutually rewarding working relationship

· Test your emotional intelligence

· Share specific tips and techniques on how to manage up to maximise your own and boss’s effectiveness