Manage Your Energy Rather Than Your Time
Seminar Information

25 August - 25 August 2017 Miller Apartments, 16 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Miller Apartments, 16 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA, Australia

How much time do you allocate to managing your energy every day?

Time management alone, doesn't always allow for contingency, emergency or bushfire planning.  Like, the call from your boss to meet in their office "right now", or the key staffer down with the flu, the "drop everything" urgent report that was originally due next week or the "he said she said" that you have been asked to step in and sort out with your usual impartial efficiency etc. 

It's no surprise that many managers and teams go home from work stressed, grumpy and exhausted from basically managing a world of distractions from the main game ie getting the job done to the best of our ability.  That deflation and perhaps a little letting off steam about the work day may not bring much joy to the family dinner table. 

If only we could shift our thinking from managing our time to managing our energy.

Join us for this three hour workshop (09.30-12.30)