How to Build Resilient Teams at Work
Seminar Information

18 October - 18 October 2017 Collins St Business Centre, Level 8, 350 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Collins St Business Centre, Level 8, 350 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Based on the work of acclaimed organisational psychologist and author Kathryn McEwen’s R@W® Team Model, in this full day PRACTICAL workshop we will:

 - Discuss the challenges that come with constant change and uncertainty at work and how they impact on the team, including team and individual morale and productivity.
 - Understand the 7 components of the R@W® Team Model
 - Assess your current team resilience.
 - Using the 7 components of the R@W® Team Model, participate in activities to identify opportunities to address specific gaps and improve team resilience.
-  Consider how you can overcome difficulties to create positive energy in your team and use that energy to make a difference
 - Develop an action plan for improving your team resilience using a structured framework.

This workshop is ideal for

Managers, emerging managers, team leaders and anyone else who is interested in building resilience in their team.

  •  You might have just been through or about to go through a transformational change or restructure
  •  Perhaps your one exhausting constant is continuous change
  •  You may be feeling the pressure of tight deadlines or just not enough time to do everything
  •  Maybe you are constantly under the pump  to do more with less or feeling the heat from competing   demands and unrealistic expectations.

"Very informative,thought provoking and encouraging that building a resilient team is achievable" - Manager, Local Government, NSW.

"Excellent oppportunity for "reflective practice"tim and to develop confidence in managing our team", Service Manager, Mental Health Sector 

"..most valuable in assisting and guiding new placed manager role with realistic and positive ways to maintain a resilient team.."  Manager, Disability Service Sector   

This workshop is available at your facility including for those in rural and remote areas at reasonable prices.  Ask us for more details.  Coaching also available for individuals in crisis.