e-learning Module Manage Your Energy Rather Than Your Time
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26 February - 31 December 2021 Not applicable, Not Applicable, Not Applicable, ACT, Any Country

Not applicable, Not Applicable, Not Applicable, ACT, Any Country

 About this Module

This module is for emerging managers, supervisors and team leaders who have received no formal training in management or leadership. It is also for people who take work home so that they can catch up or be better prepared for the week ahead, and for those who are pressed to achieve deadlines and deliverables.  


Step by step, you will:

  • Examine your working hours and the impact on your health, well-being and        productivity.
  • Learn how to recognise the signs of burnout and how to change some of the habits that can lead to burnout.
  • Be introduced to the concept of corporate athleticism and discover how it applies to your job.
  • Learn how to distribute your workload to align with your ultradian rhythms
  • Examine strategies for creating a healthier more productive you
  •  Develop a plan for managing your energy. 

 Preview Available

The introduction and some pages of this module are available on Preview at https://changechampionsandass.coursegenius.com.

Certificate of Completion also available after 70% pass on assessment. 

 Interested in this module for all of your staff?

Manage Your Energy Rather Than Your Time is available to large organisations on the CourseGenius e-learning platform at a discounted rate for more groups of 15 or more. It is also available as an in house workshop or for use in one on one coaching sessions.

Need more information?  Email info@changechampions.com.au or M: 0467 635 150 from within Australia or for internationals +61467 635 150