The Deteriorating Patient

Session 1 - Recognising and Responding to the Clinical Deterioration - A Brave New World
  • Prof Clifford Hughes
    Drowning in Paper [download]
  • Dr Daryl A Jones
    The Medical Emergency: Its role in detection and treatment of the deteriorating patient [download]
  • Jill Porteous and Mary Miller
    Ocean to Outback Establishing a statewide collaboration to improve the rural and remote recognition and response to the clinically deteriorating patient [download]
Session 2 - Different Challenges, Different Solutions
  • Dr Peggy Brown
    Lost Behind Locked Doors: A National Framework to Reduce the Use of Seclusion as a Response to a Deteriorating Mental State [download]
  • Dr Michael Buist
    How I nearly MET my maker [download]
  • Sally Evans
    Delayed Initiation of Medical Emergency Response - a Real Life Case Study [download]
Session 3 - Generating Evidence For Change
  • Steven Brand
    Can audits help to understand the deteriorating patient and rapid response systems? [download]
  • Prof Tracey Bucknall
    Responding to medical emergencies at a private hospital [download]
  • Helen Courtney-Pratt
    Assessing Evidenced Based Practice: a hospital wide audit of physiological observations [download]
Session 3A - Recognising Clinical Deterioration
  • Dr George do Campo
    Reduction of unexpected events in a Medical Ward after Implementation of Early Warning Score [download]
  • Heather Mugridge
    Implementation of a Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) in two wards [download]
  • Joanne Leaver
    Implementation of a paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) - Paediatric PACE - within South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area [download]
Session 4 - Education and Training
  • Dr Simon Cooper
    Managing the deteriorating patient in a simulated environment: nursing students knowledge, skill, and situation awareness [download]
  • Elaine Boxer
    An innovative program in simulated teaching for nurses [download]
  • Michelle Kelly
    Empowering the RNs of tomorrow - an immersive simulation scenario for recognising and managing a deteriorating paitent [download]
Session 4A - Improving Processes But What About the Resource Implications
  • Kerrie O'Leary
    The VitalĀ© Model A structured Nursing Process For Patient Assessment, Care Planning and Documentation [download]

Session 5 - Transformational System Change and Future Sustainability
  • Dr Nicola Dunbar
    Dr Nicola Dunbar - Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration: A national approach to safer care [download]
  • Prof Ken Hillman
    Rapid Response Systems - implementation of a new system has different challenge to implementing a new drug [download]
  • Dr Imogen Mitchell
    Deteriorating Patients - Are we there yet? [download]
  • Dr Michael Buist
    Clinical Futile Cycles, traditional medical hierarchies and the deteriorating patient [download]
Session 6 - Innovations in Early Recognition and Response
  • Prof Guy Ludbrook
    Perioperative Anaesthesia Care Team (PACT) Enhanced Postoperative Care Using Physician Assistants [download]
  • Sharyn Phillis and Cathie West
    Early Recognition, Rapid response, Good Outcome (ERRRGO): Implementing a project on a shoestring budget [download]
  • Dr Michael Yeoh
    A MET team in the ED [download]
  • Dr Lindy King
    Identifying factors that influence nurses' use of the Medical Emergency Team (MET) in the care of the deteriorating patient [download]
Session 6A - To MET or Not To MET - That is the question
  • Huw Kempler
    The Medical Emergency Team in a Rural Base Hospital [download]
  • Emma Matthew
    Cutting the cloth to suit: the implementation of a Nurse-Led Medical Emergency Team (MET) in an evolving health care facility [download]
  • Prof Steven Katz
    South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service PACE (Patient with Acute Condition for Escalation) Projrct Overview and Implementation [download]
  • Kim O'Leary
    South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health Service PACE (Patient with Acute Condition for Escalation) Implementation in the Rural Setting [download]
Session 7 - Improvement Tools
  • Megan Preece
    Usability Evaluation of 25 Adult General Observation Charts Leading to the Design of a User-Friendly Observation Chart [download]
  • Jo-Anne Stephens
    Developing and implementing the Children's Early Warning Tool (CEWT) in Queensland Health [download]
  • Andrea Coe
    Implementation of a Children's Early Warning Assessment Tool [download]
Session 7A - Workshop - Clinician Engagement and Escalation
  • Heather Doolan
    PACE (Patient with Acute Condition for Escalation) [download]
  • Suzanne Schacht
    Keeping PACE with System and Clinical Reviews [download]