Skill Mix and Workforce Development: sharing the lessons learnt

Session 1
  • Pushing Boundaries: being less protective and more responsive
    Adj Prof Belinda Moyes [download]
  • The NSW Nursing and Midwifery Modelling Care Project: learning about success
    Prof Mary Chiarella [download]
  • Workforce redesign and nurse practitioners: A case of oozing possibilities
    A/Prof Andrew Cashin [download]
Session 2
  • The Practice Partnership Model at The Prince Charles Hospital: The lesson learnt and directions for the future
    Toni Ferguson & Cheryl Burns [download]
  • Sharing the Load: Care partnership in a specialised nursing service
    Sheryl Cullen [download]
  • A National Multi-centre Study of Nursing Staffing Decision making in Level 3 Australian Intensive Care Units
    Dr Amanda Rischbieth [download]
  • Measuring what gets done: a task analysis approach to instigating role redesign in health
    Mark Mackay & Pam Castle [download]
Session 2a
  • Tears and Cheers: a journey of discovery
    Michelle Blackwell & Margaret Chalker [download]
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Emergency Department-Multifaceted and Evolving
    Stuart Turk & Wendy Rogasch [download]
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards
    Dr Robert Thornton [download]
  • The Opportunity of Paid Employment Models for Undergraduate Nursing Students
    Craig Phillips [download]
Session 3
  • A systematic staged approach to promote the progression of workforce development: Embedding learning in workplace performance
    Alison Trivella [download]
  • Experiencing the Change: Registered Nurses’ perceptions of providing care in a team nursing frame work
    Karen Gullick [download]
  • Factors influencing work stress in health care providers
    A/Prof/Dr Suteekarn Chaiyalap [download]
Session 3a
  • Sharing Skills: Improving Functional Assessment Skills in an Interdisciplinary Care Coordination Service
    Katie Gordon & Kate Mangion [download]
  • Fundamentals of a Perioperative Nursing Program
    Jane Thomas & Danielle Shepherd [download]
  • Education and Development: the KEY to retention
    Anna Clarke [download]
Session 4
  • Southern Health Nursing Workforce Innovations
    Brian O’Donnell & Naomi Dobroff [download]
  • Vacancies what Vacancies, our journey from 150 vacancies in 2004 to 8 in 2007
    Michelle Anderson [download]
  • Skill Mix and Staff Shortage in Rural Queensland-find ‘em and train ‘em
    Cathy Crittenden [download]
  • Dealing with the Anticipated Shortage of Registered Nurses Using an Original Skill-Mix Model
    Zipora Sadeh [download]
Session 4a
  • Case Study: Practice model PHC that makes a difference in a remote Aboriginal community
    Margie McLean [download]
  • Reorienting Child Health Services and forming partnerships to accommodate the complex needs of marginalised families
    Trish Hannan & Julie McBride [download]
  • Developing the role of the support workforce in community rehabilitation
    Tracey Brighton [download]

Session 5
  • Be the change you want to see: a personal challenge to clinical leaders
    Dr Robin Youngson [download]
  • The Night Watch
    Prof Joseph E Ibrahim [download]
  • Hospital at Night: safer training. Learning from the UK Model
    Gerry Bolger [download]
  • Presentation of NSW Health Hospitalist Pilot Program
    Prof Katherine McGrath [download]
Session 6
  • Skill mix and workforce development from the perspectives of generation Y
    Dr Erin Mills and Dr Kwang Chien Yee [download]
  • Innovative Ideas for Rural and Remote Health Workforce Shortage
    Heather Mumme [download]
  • Physician Assistants: a successful model worth importing
    Teresa O’Connor [download]
  • Job sharing and workforce development: the perspectives of junior medical doctors
    Dr Kwang Chien Yee [download]
Session 6a
  • Redesign in workforce: the Victorian approach
    Kim Skyes [download]
  • Role development for Hospital Pharmacy Technicians
    Giovanna De Santis [download]
  • An update on the development and implementation of an advanced practice program in Radiation Therapy
    Max Enge [download]
  • Can Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists extend their role to be part of an Elective Orthopaedic Surgery Outpatient Clinic?
    Robyn Coyne [download]
Session 6b
  • Hunter New England Health Staffing Service—The workforce management model for the future
    Keith Drinkwater [download]
  • Putting the ‘spring’ back into a nurse’s step
    Beverley Duff & Mark Kelly [download]
  • Enrolled Nurses up skilling and the experience of role design for both Enrolled and Registered Nurses
    Kim Wild [download]
Session 7
  • Implementation of Innovative Strategies to Plan for the Predicted Nurse Shortages
    Nonie Rickard [download]
  • Division 2 Medication Endorsement: Linacre Private Hospital’s Journey
    Samantha Radlow [download]
  • Increasing the Scope of Enrolled Nurse Practice
    Nicole Dixon [download]
Session 7a
  • The 4 C’s (Competency, Clinical Governance, Culture Change and Credentialling)
    Lyndall Mollart [download]
  • Developing Clinical Competence across a diverse skill mix with a Professional Recognition Program
    Margaret Mason [download]
  • Improving Diabetes Care at Southern Health
    Meredith Williamson [download]
Session 8
  • Chronic Disease Management - Redefining the skill mix
    Ronnie Clarkson [download]
  • Shared Care - An Ideal Model for the Management of Chronic Hepatitis C
    Saroj Nazareth [download]