Creating a New Sound in Patient Centred Healthcare Delivery

25 Jul 2018

Creating a New Sound in Patient Centred Healthcare Delivery

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Abstract Guidelines


Change Champions & Associates’ mission is to foster innovation and steadily build a climate of strong networking, collaboration and engagement across all parts of the health and related

With this mission, we are now inviting submissions of abstracts for presentation in 60 minute (including Q & A) webinars. These webinars are for health and related industry professionals who are committed to innovation and improvement across the range of disciplines and facilities.


Abstracts for the following topic areas will be considered. These are suggestions only. If youare working on an innovative project on a topic that isn’t listed, please also submit. All
abstracts will be considered in terms of quality, speaker expertise and relevance to our audience

  •  Alternatives to hospital, care in the community
  • Avoiding unnecessary emergency admissions
  •  Creating and maintaining a positive organisational culture
  •  Disability care
  • Education and training
  • End of life care
  • Expert witness
  • Health system improvement
  • Improving discharge efficiency and integration between healthcare providers
  • Improving hospital patient flows eg elective surgery, specialist clinics, diagnostics and
    testing etc
  • Improving safety and quality of care eg hospital after hours, sepsis, delirium, medication safety, deteriorating patient, healthcare associated infections, healthcare variation, clinical
    communication, clinical handover etc
  • Innovative models of care and service delivery inc NDIS
  • Mental health
  • Older people’s health and rights, preventing elder abuse, social connectedness
  • Oral health
  • Partnering with consumers, patient experience, patient participation in healthcare decision making, health literacy
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Primary care
  • Using information technology to improve hospital efficiency
  • Workforce, safe staffing, skill mix.

Abstract Guidelines

Please email your abstract to

Author Information

Include the title of the proposed paper, each author’s name with the name of the presenting author(s) underlined, position title, organization and contact details ie telephone, email and
mailing address.

Brief Biography

Include a maximum 10 line biography for the presenting author(s). We don’t need your biography to be as long as War and Peace but we do need to understand your credentials for giving this presentation. Please write in sentences and in the 3rd person. Remember that the participants will be reading your biography. They will want to know about your expertise and experience before they join the webinar. If your biography is too formal and stuffy, it will be difficult to engage them. So, focus on your professional experience and, as far as possible, write in a more conversational way. For example, “If there is one thing that stands out about Professor Delia Corben, it’s her ability take a simple idea and to shape and mould it into a sustainable program of change…”

Body of the Abstract

  • The body of the abstract should focus on:
  • What problem you attempted to solve and why
  • What you did (Some participants are likely to want to replicate your initiative or project)
  • What you achieved in terms of how the results/outcomes have led to change
  • How your initiative or project adds to what is already know and why it is innovative
  • Some analysis of what you would do differently next time or what the next steps

Your abstract, which will be circulated to participants, should not exceed 750 words. It should present a compelling case for busy people to take time out to tune into your webinar. So, let your passion for your work shine through in the abstract.

Please check your spelling and grammar before you submit.

Define your Preferred Audience

Who should attend your webinar? What does your ideal audience look like? We encourage you to think broadly as our subscribers work across the range of healthcare professions and facilities.

Abstract Acceptance

You will be advised if your abstract has or has not been accepted within 21 days of receipt of your submission. You may be invited to revise your abstract.

There is no deadline for abstract submissions. You can submit your abstract at any time. Abstracts are accepted all year round with the exception of 24-31 December.

Multiple abstracts can be submitted from the same organisation.

Abstracts that are theoretical in nature or are blatant commercial advertising will not be accepted.

Abstracts that are sponsored will be considered providing the presenter is associated with a project that is run within a health facility, not for profit entity or public sector department.

For example, an abstract for an innovative food and nutrition project in an aged care facility that is presented by a Director of Nursing and sponsored by a food company would be
considered. Where a presentation is sponsored, the sponsor’s logo will be displayed at the beginning of the webinar. The sponsor will be acknowledged at the end of the webinar. However, there will be NO payment of an honorarium to any presenter of a sponsored webinar.

If your Abstract is Accepted

Once your abstract has been accepted, a mutually convenient date and time for you to present your webinar will be arranged. This will be 8-15 weeks from your abstract acceptance.

When the date and time of your presentation and your honorarium have been agreed, the webinar will be scheduled. Please note that, once agreed, it will not be possible to change the
date and time as expenditure will already have been committed to organise the event. More importantly, we do not wish our participants to be inconvenienced.

If for some reason, the webinar does not attract any participants, the right to cancel is reserved. You will be advised at least 14 days prior to the event if the webinar is to be cancelled.

You will agree to provide a copy of your PowerPoint presentation 3 business days prior to your webinar. This will be made available to the participants.

Any additional costs, eg travel, accommodation, meals, hire of space, administrative assistance or equipment, incurred by you to give this presentation will be your responsibility.

Unless otherwise agreed, we do not allow advertising or product promotion during the webinar.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to a desk top computer or suitable mobile device with a reliable internet connection, webcam and audio to deliver your presentation. Be alert to any firewalls that may impede your connection to the webinar prior to your event.

How we will support you

We will support you in your webinar presentation by:

  • providing details of how to connect to the webinar and how to trouble shoot should you encounter any problems
  • speaking with you by phone or email prior to the event to ensure that we have a shared understanding the webinar program flow from beginning to end and to address any issues or concerns that you may have, to check time zones etc
  • sharing regular updates on the number of participants, their location and any information that will help you to tailor your presentation to it’s relevance to the participants.

Your Honorarium

Registration fees for this event will contribute to paying an honorarium for each presentation. The amount will be agreed once the abstract has been accepted.

The honorarium will be paid into a nominated bank account on the day of your presentation. Please note that, irrespective of the number of speakers in the webinar, we will only pay one honorarium. It is up to you to decide how to share it, apply it to a project or to donate it to a worthy cause.

If your webinar is cancelled due to lack of interest, we cannot pay an honorarium.

To receive your honorarium or have it paid to the charity of your choice, you will agree to:

    • Deliver a 60 minute webinar that includes a Q & A session on the nominated day and at the nominated time.

Provide to us:

    • Invoice for the agreed amount inclusive of GST for Australian presenters
    • Copy of latest version of PowerPoint slides and any resources or publications that you are willing to share with participants
    • Any other information that you would like to share with participants (eg your contact details.

We will send to you an email confirmation of payment on the day of your webinar.

This is an exciting initiative and the feedback from our loyal subscribers in support of this service has been inspiring.

Need to contact us?

The Change Champions team is available by email at or mobile or SMS in Australia 0467 635 150 or internationally at + 61 467 635 150

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