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Giving Difficult Feedback

This Workshop Series is For…..

  • Anyone who is in a position where they are giving feedback to teams and individuals.
  • Middle Managers, Emerging Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors.


This workshop, based on content from the prestigious Harvard Business Review, is designed to build your confidence and skills to be able to deliver difficult feedback effectively.

Everyone struggles to give feedback and especially when it’s less than positive. If you have direct reports, your objective in giving feedback is to help them learn and grow…and maintain a positive work place culture.

Giving feedback effectively allows the team and the organisation to be successful. It is a core skill for everyone in a supervisory, leadership or management position.

This workshop is for emerging and middle managers, team leaders and supervisors in the caring, helping and customer services professions and anyone looking to create a positive staff/client relationship and experience.


Over up to 3.5 hours we will:

  • Discuss the impact for you and your team/organisation when giving feedback both positive and not so positive
  • Identify best practice approaches to giving feedback
  • Hear about some tools that might be useful in preparing for and giving feedback
  • Practice using tools and techniques to improve how you give feedback


When you register for this workshop you will receive some pre-reading. This will take you no more than 45 mins to complete.


Char Weeks GAICD, GCCM, CHE, BA is a Certified Executive Coach and a Member of the International Coaching Council. She is also Genos Certified in Emotional Intelligence and trained in Resilience@Work. Char particularly enjoys working with emerging managers and those who embrace the idea that life is one continuous learning curve.

Char is passionate about the effective management of change, especially as it impacts on people. She understands systems change, advocates for organisational learning and positive culture development.

She has worked on many change programs in complex organisations including health sector, child protection, indigenous organisations, not for profits, and aged care, mental health, drug alcohol and disability care.


“This workshop cemented my skills in giving difficult feedback along with giving me an outlet to practice in a friendly environment. Highly recommended”, Clinical Support Nurse, VIC

“Excellent opportunity for “reflective practice” time and to develop confidence in managing our team”, Service Manager, Mental Health Sector, NSW

“..most valuable in assisting and guiding new placed manager role with realistic and positive ways to maintain a resilient team..”, Manager, Disability Service Sector, NSW

“Highly recommend for all line managers, people in leadership roles who are required to give feedback”, Clinical Nurse, SA

“Char was a great presenter. The Master Class she delivered has given me knowledge and confidence along with the skills to have difficult conversations within my workplace”, Midwife, VIC

“This session helped me feel more comfortable with having to give negative/constructive feedback”, Social Work Manager, WA

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