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23 December - 31 December 2018
All cities, towns available, VIC, Australia

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Resilience at Work Assessments

Looking for strategies to improve productivity in a high pressure, turbulent environment?  Working where there is just no end to change and you are exhausted at the thought of more?

Here is an opportunity for individuals, leaders and teams to take a good look at their resilience through the Resilience at Work, R@W, assessments.  You will also receive feedback or facilitation to make the changes necessary to not only survive, but being able to thrive in the workplace.

Four highly flexible assessment offerings based on the 7 validated R@W competencies that can be adapted to your circumstances or environment, regardless of where you work.

  •  Individual R@W assessment + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  • Leader  R@W self assessment + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  • Leader  R@W 180 degree assessment (choose team members to give their feedback) + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  •  R@W Team Assessment (up to 15 members) + report with up to 3.5 hr facilitated action planning session - email info@changechampions.com.au for a surprisingly affordable quote for the R@W Team Assessment
For more info about, R@W, Download the Flier attached
Also available for Corporate Events, Open Days, Induction and Orientation Events etc  






26 February - 31 December 2021
Not Applicable, ACT, Any Country

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e-learning Module Manage Your Energy Rather Than Your Time

 About this Module

This module is for emerging managers, supervisors and team leaders who have received no formal training in management or leadership. It is also for people who take work home so that they can catch up or be better prepared for the week ahead, and for those who are pressed to achieve deadlines and deliverables.  

Step by step, you will:

  •  Examine your working hours and the impact on your health, well-being and productivity.
  •  Learn how to recognise the signs of burnout and how to change some of the habits that can lead to burnout.
  • Be introduced to the concept of corporate athleticism and discover how it applies to your job.
  • Learn how to distribute your workload to align with your ultradian rhythms
  • Exa mine strategies for creating a healthier more productive you
  • Develop a plan for managing your energy. 

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The introduction and some pages of this module are available on Preview at





14 April - 31 December 2021
Online, ACT, Australia

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The Art of Managing Up - 2 hour elearning module

Managing up is about making your own life easier at work. An ability to manage up is seen as a core leadership skill that can help you to be more in control of your own workload and enable you to use your initiative. It may even brighten your career prospects. Even better, done well, managing up can help take the pressure off your boss. And that can alleviate pressure from "higher up" on you and make for a more harmonious work place. Want to turn things around? Start working through this practical module now.


Module Learning Objectives

· Describe the concept of managing up and explain its benefits for you and your boss

· Outline the ground rules and skills required to actively manage up

· Understand the pressures that impact on your boss

· Understand what your boss actually needs to know about what you are doing, and how to present/communicate that information to your boss

· Understand communication styles and individual differences to create a mutually rewarding working relationship

· Test your emotional intelligence

· Share specific tips and techniques on how to manage up to maximise your own and boss’s effectiveness



5 September - 5 September 2018
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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How Did I Get Here? Beating Imposter Syndrome


Imposter Syndrome is that gut wrenching fear of being exposed as a fraud or fake when you take on a new challenge like a job or study or when you feel that you don’t deserve your successes. Imposter Syndrome can play havoc with your health and well-being, not to mention your career trajectory. In this practical workshop you will discover how to recognise Imposter Syndrome, learn some strategies to deal with it and see it as a positive step on the pathway to success.


Learning Objectives

 After attending this workshop you will:

· Be able to define Imposter Syndrome, identify its characteristics and understand who is susceptible to it

· Complete a questionnaire that assesses your own propensity for Imposter Syndrome and reflect on your results

· Understand the cycle of Imposter Syndrome

· Understand the role of procrastination, trying too hard, perfectionism and dismissing positive feedback in perpetuating the Imposter cycle

· Look at 15 strategies to manage Imposter Syndrome, instead of it managing you

· Be able to recognise Imposter Syndrome in others at work

· Review some strategies for managing and supporting employees with Imposter Syndrome.


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13 November - 13 November 2018
TBA, VIC, Australia

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Giving Difficult Feedback At Your Facility

This workshop, based on content from the prestigious Harvard Business Review, is designed to build your confidence and skills to be able to deliver difficult feedback effectively.

 Everyone struggles to give feedback and especially, when it’s less then positive.  If you have direct reports, your objective  in giving feedback is to help your people to learn and grow...and maintain a positive work place culture. 

Giving feedback effectively allows the team and the organization to be successful.  It is a core skill for everyone in a supervisory, leadership or management position.


Over up to 3.5 hours, depending on numbers, we will:


  •  Discuss the impact for you and your team/organization when giving feedback both positive and not so positive
  •  Identify best practice approaches to giving feedback
  •  Hear about some tools that might be useful in preparing for and giving feedback
  •  Practice using tools and techniques to improve how you give feedback.