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12 October - 13 October 2016
Richmond, VIC, Australia

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A Healthy Hospital is a Happy, Safer and More Productive Place for Care

Addressing the hot topic of 2016.

The seminar showcases successful initiatives that have positively impacted on quality, safety and performance by improving workforce and organisational culture.

Confirmed Invited Guests

Bernie Harrison, Director, Improvement Academy, Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Prof David Watters OBE, University Hospital Geelong and Deakin University, VIC

Dr Victoria Atkinson, Group General Manager,  Clinical Governance and Chief Medical Officer, St Vincents Health Australia, VIC

Janelle HearnPrincipal Project Manager - Occupational Violence and Bullying and Harassment Projects,Worker Health and Wellbeing, Health Service Programs Branch, Department of Health and Human Services, VIC 

Dr Mark O'Brien, Medical Director, Cognitive Institute 

Kathryn McEwen, Managing Director, Working with Resilience

Ashleigh Smith, Human Synergistics Australia

Adj Prof Kylie Ward, CEO, Australian College of Nursing 

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Now inviting articulate, assertive professionals who are comfortable in front of an audience to Chair one of the Sessions at this seminar.  In exchange for your help we will give you a complimentary registration to both days of the seminar.  Interested...with only 3 places remaining, email your 6 line bio to info@changechampions.com.au now.  









19 October - 19 October 2017
All cities, towns available, VIC, Australia

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Resilience at Work Assessments

Looking for strategies to improve productivity in a high pressure, turbulent environment?  Working where there is just no end to change and you are exhausted at the thought of more?

Here is an opportunity for individuals, leaders and teams to take a good look at their resilience through the Resilience at Work, R@W, assessments.  You will also receive feedback or facilitation to make the changes necessary to not only survive, but being able to thrive in the workplace.

Four highly flexible assessment offerings based on the 7 validated R@W competencies that can be adapted to your circumstances or environment, regardless of where you work.

  •  Individual R@W assessment + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  • Leader  R@W self assessment + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  • Leader  R@W 180 degree assessment (choose team members to give their feedback) + report with a 40 minute coaching session
  •  R@W Team Assessment (up to 15 members) + report with up to 3.5 hr facilitated action planning session - email info@changechampions.com.au for a surprisingly affordable quote for the R@W Team Assessment
For more info about, R@W, Download the Flier attached
Also available for Corporate Events, Open Days, Induction and Orientation Events etc  






17 December - 31 December 2016
Skype or Capital Cities, VIC, Australia

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Sustain Success On Line Resilience Course

If you are under the pump and not sure that you are coping well, this on line  program, Sustain Success, will help you to build your resilience at work and beyond.

Developed by highly regarded, organisational psychologist, Kathryn McEwen, here's an opportunity to reflect on the way work pressure impacts on the way you function at work and beyond.  Here is a taster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg_x1dy9KCU

Best of all its easy!   There is no need to ask your manager for permission to attend a course. No need to feel embarrassed about your capacity to cope or starting to withdraw from decision making because you feel that your ability and your confidence are living on different planets.





31 December - 31 December 2016
Anywhere, ACT, Anywhere

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Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Wondering about your effectiveness as leader.  Keen to know how your emotional intelligence at work stacks up in comparison with other leaders.  Perhaps you'd like to know how important your emotional intelligence is to your team.

Well, here's your chance to discover your potential.  Emotional intelligence assessments now available.  These are completed on line at the results are strictly confidential.  Order yours now.




2 March - 3 March 2017
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

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Improving Consumer and Carer Engagement in Healthcare and Health Literacy

Join us in a practical seminar to share the achievements of initiatives designed to improve patient, consumer and carer engagement in healthcare.


The seminar will focus on two main themes, partnering with consumers and health literacy







16 March - 17 March 2017
Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia

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Improving Patient Flows: Towards Sustainability

Over the last decade we have seen an increasing emphasis on improving efficiency an cutting waste in healthcare.  In this seminar, the focus is on showcasing successful initiatives to improve patient flows, especially those where there is evidence of sustainability over time.